The Singaporean Way #13

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in Singapore that’s thinking “THIS WEATHER IS FUCKING KILLING ME RIGHT NOW!”

I hate Singapore weather. If it’s not hot, it’s wet, but right now it’s just TOO FUCKING HOT!


This is the worst heat exposure I’ve ever experienced in Singapore, and this is coming from a girl who’s lived her whole life on this stupid island. Thanks to this heat (which I presume is the result of globalfuckingwarming), I’ve been suffering from nose bleeds the past few days.

I cannot wait to be done with school and fly myself to New York or Washington to study. The weather is just way too hot here!

Just last month, the weather was perfectly fine. There were days when I could go out in longs and not feel warm. It would feel like I was walking down the streets of London in Spring. Now I just feel like walking out stark naked because it’s so damn hot!

Come to think of it, maybe it wasn’t all that bad that the Ferrari crashed into the cab. He saved 2 more people and himself from this stupid heat! Maybe that’s why he crashed. BECAUSE HE COULDN’T TAKE THE HEAT!



P.S. I don’t actually think the Ferrari driver was innocent. If he can afford to buy a Ferrari, I’m pretty sure his family can pull together enough money to support the late cabbie’s family. #justsaying

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The Singaporean Way #8

Today I went for a job interview at this place called Designer Bakes (they customize cupcakes!) at Centerpoint Mall. When I called the guy to ask about the Classified (a section in our local papers known as The Straits Times) ad he, erm, advertised, he told me that the place was next to tcc (the coffee connoisseur).

So, I arrive at the taxi pick-up point of Centerpoint Mall (yea, I cab-ed there. $11.90 gone, just like that.) and I go to the first tcc outlet I see. I walk towards it, expecting to see a sign of some sort that reads, “Designer Bakes”. I guess I tend to set my expectations of Singapore a little too high, because I arrive at the door of tcc, look to the left of it (because i came from the right, duh) and there sits a small money changer. I panic, of course, because I can’t find the place of my interview (this just goes to show how much I really need a job), so I walk around the place like some maniac and finally decide to ask for directions from this really nice old lady standing outside a jewelery shop. I follow her directions (which are pretty accurate coming from an old lady) and, what do you know, the guy WAS right! The outlet most definitely was beside tcc, JUST NOT THE SAME TCC OUTLET I PRESUMED IT TO BE! Why do they need 2 tcc outlets in 1 building, really?

But that’s not why I’m doing this today. I want to talk about cab drivers here in Singapore. First and foremost, I must tell you that many MANY drivers just absolutely cannot tahan our local cab drivers and I see why. Because they do stupid things like weave in through traffic, cut in front of an unsuspecting driver when they see someone flagging a cab on the pavement, etc. Yea, they do that. It gets me too, even though I don’t drive. Haha!

No, that’s not what I want to talk about. (I know. You’re probably already screaming at me in your head to GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!) I’m here to talk about cab drivers doing weird and annoying things in the cabs, even with a passenger present. *shrugs*

I’m rushing to get to Centerpoint Mall for my interview, so I flag down a cab and tell the driver “Centerpoint Mall!”

Driver: What?

Me: Centerpoint Mall?

Driver: What!

Me (already pretty pissed): CEN TER POINT MALL!!!!!!

Driver: Orchard Centerpoint?

Me: YES! geez! (I actually said it out loud)

I swear I just wanted to clock the guy. I’m having a very quiet and nearly pleasant ride when suddenly a bad word flies out from the driver’s mouth and all I can do is :O behind him. OMG! ComfortCab hires old, rude and deaf people who have absolute difficulty enunciating their words. WAY TO GO FOR WORLD CLASS SERVICE! (Y) But the funny thing was, he was cursing at OTHER cab drivers. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The whole situation was just too funny.

Finally, we reach Centerpoint Mall and I payed my cab fare. Apparently this guy also has problems with math, so being a ‘gracious’ Singaporean who so ‘proudly’ graduated from Chung Cheng High School (Main), and because I’m (v) Asian (v) I help him do the calculations. My change was $9 and he was holding a hand full of $1 coins and a hand full of $2 notes. Now, people with common sense would hand you 4 notes and a coin to make up the $9. This guy hands me the hand full $1 coins. WTH DUDE!!!!! And he still had the audacity to tell me “I’m out of small change!” (ARE YOU FOR REAL?! What do you call the hand full of $1 coins you just handed to me?!) I’m already sick of the guy, so to avoid any more chaos, I just get the hell out of the cab.

Like, WTF MAN! This is just ANOTHER reason for ANYONE to hate cab drivers (no offense to my best friend who’s dad is a cab driver. Babe, your dad’s cool. I don’t hate him. Haha!) But, really, did he really have to do that? Really?

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